Who We Are

Where we love you back to life and destiny. 

Our History & Mandate

Our History
& Mandate


We started in October 2006, with about 12 people, as a prayer meeting at Bethel Restoration Church. By November 2006 we had grown to 84 people. Our first Sunday Service was a 6pm evening service on January 14, 2007. We now have 4 Pastors, 50 Volunteers, and over 200 Members.

We are a multi-generational church that represents many nationalities and cultures. We welcome people from all walks of life, race and language. We strive to change lives and become a unified, functional, powerful family with presence, influence and relevance to our current community.

Our Vision

Loving you back to life and destiny

We are commissioned to perceive, observe and communicate the intention of God for humanity, producing the dimension of living that gives access to the pre-ordained destiny for each person.  The result will be;

  • Changing systems
  • Affecting governments
  • Transforming the world

Our Mission

Share, Embrace, Restore


We exist to:
  • SHARE the life changing message of Jesus Christ to our community and beyond.
  • EMBRACE all people with the love of God and build authentic relationships.
  • RESTORE hope and the pursuit of destiny to each individual.

Core Values

Nurturing LIVES founded in a true and lasting connection to God


We are connected to God, to the vision and to each other.


We understand our purpose and work diligently to fulfill our destiny.


We are sensitive and submissive to the things of God and are eager to cultivate and perfect our gifts


We ensure consistent excellence in the service and administration of our God-given gifts.

What We Believe 

Firmly rooted in Scripture, the beliefs of Kingsway guide our decisions as a church. See how we view God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, The Bible and The Church.

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