Always a Student

But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. Matthew 13:23

In 1992, Gary Chapman wrote his infamous book “The 5 Love Languages” with the intention of helping individuals to better connect with their significant others. This best-selling novel vowed to radically transform the way couples received and experienced love. By studying the way individuals communicate, couples were motivated to learn each other’s ‘love language’ with the promise of attaining fulfillment in the relationship. Since its release, the book popularized the link between language, communication and understanding, changing the course of love and romance for generations to come.

In Matthew 13, Jesus uses the language of parables to communicate to His disciples the truth about sowing seeds of the Word. In this story, Jesus differentiates between four types of people who had experienced different outcomes based on the seed sown in their environments. He emphasizes that it is the last person who bears fruit because that person hears the Word and understands it. Essentially, Jesus explains that having the Word is one thing, but it is the understanding of the Word which is the game changer. For this reason, understanding is revolutionary because understanding enables believers to reap profitable outcomes.

Many of us have been sowing and taking intentional steps towards our goals and accomplishments to reap a harvest for 2021. Using the Word as your seed, you are expecting to yield returns in the areas of business, family, school etc. However, in order to execute successfully, you need the understanding to know how to act upon the Word received.

As students of the Bible we must acknowledge that a critical component of learning is application. Yet, application can only occur once you have the foundational understanding. After you read the Word, spend time studying the scriptures. Don’t settle for simply memorizing verses but use the necessary tools to accurately interpret what is written in the text. Understanding involves your eyes, ears, and your heart (Matthew 13:14-15). It sets you up with the right expectations because you have the right information to proceed with the right action. With understanding, you will get the strategy to defy the pitfalls that readily await your nascent venture. And, when you have understanding, you will become vigilant, able to know how to protect what you build, plant, or sow, against the enemy’s attacks. Moreover, because you possess understanding, you will not allow persecution to drive you away from the right environment and thereby cause you to forfeit opportunities for growth. Thus, understanding is the active ingredient that germinates the seed and allows it to become fruitful.

Understanding will take you from where you are to where you need to go. Therefore, continue to be filled with knowledge but strive to graduate to the level of understanding. 

Reflection: Are you simply reading the Word or do you understand it? What do you need to do with the Word after you have read it?

Prayer: Father God, thank You for giving me understanding. Lord, wherever I lack wisdom I pray that You would grant it to me liberally. Open my eyes and my mind that I may be vigilant. I refuse to allow the enemy to snatch away what was sown in my heart. I pray that You will show me how to water the seed of Your word that I may grow into everything You have called me to be. In Jesus name, Amen.

Written by Deborah Nimoh