Week 18 Devotion – “Seed Sowing”
Read John 4:1-26

“And because of His words many more became believers” John 4:41

As the weather gets better, I find myself assisting with a new outdoor activity – gardening.
Not everyone is cut out for this work because it takes a lot of time and patience to produce
the end result. Whether your goal is to have a carefully manicured lawn, or a meticulously
groomed flower-bed, the process can’t start unless you initially sow the right seeds.

In chapter 4 of the book of John, Jesus reveals Himself as the Messiah to a Samaritan
woman after an encounter at a well. Amazed because of His thorough knowledge of her life,
she shares her testimony with others who are eager to meet Him. Initially, it is the woman’s
personal testimony that acts as a seed spurring others to become believers. However, when
the other Samaritans from her town have their own encounter with Jesus, many more put
their faith in Him.

In this passage, we learn how evangelism works. Evangelism begins with seed sowing and
seed sowing is a process. In 1 Corinthians chapter 3, Paul illustrates how one sows, another
waters and it is God who makes things grow (v 7). If we are going to reach people as
witnesses, it is important that we know how to sow the Word of God. Though there are many
different approaches we can take, it must start with an introduction to Jesus.

Everyone needs Jesus, and thus everyone needs evangelism. The Samaritan woman
needed Jesus more than He needed the drink of water from her. In fact, in our efforts to
evangelize, we must emphasize Jesus as being the only One who can meet all of our needs.
Wherever people are in life, and regardless of how different they may seem from us, we
must remember that we all share the same need of a SAVIOUR. The business executive on
Bay Street needs Jesus just as much as the drug addict on the sidewalk. The overachieving
student and the social media influencer need Jesus just as much as the struggling single
mother. For this reason, we must actively seek opportunities to initiate conversation that will
lead people to know Him and continually present Jesus as the solution to any sin, void,
source of pain and more.

Moreover, if we are going to sow the right seeds, we need to be committed to overcoming
any hurdles or any concerns that would discourage us from planting. We must not get
caught up with the details of peoples’ personal backgrounds or histories. Just as Jesus did
not overlook the Samaritan woman, there is no one we should disregard when sharing the
gospel because as disciples we are called to reach all (2 Timothy 2:4). If you are going to
further the kingdom of God, you must see everyone as a candidate for eternal life. Therefore
it is not up to us to decide who is worthy of the time or opportunity for evangelism. Jesus
already did that when He died on the cross.

Reflection: How can you sow seeds for evangelism right where you are today?

Prayer: Father God, thank You for considering me worthy to be a witness for You. I thank You for
allowing me to partner with You as I sow seeds with my personal testimony. I pray that I will
be given the boldness to share it, so that others would be led to seek You for their own
encounter. Lord, I trust You as the only one to make seeds grow
and I am excited for what
You will do through me this month. In Jesus name, Amen.

Written by Deborah Nimoh