Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Read John 14 :15 -18

“But you know Him for He lives with you and will be in you-John 14:17

Whenever you think of intimate relationships, your mind may naturally turn to an image of two people closely connected to each other. You may think of an emotional bond that leads to a physical interaction or a physical attraction that leads to an emotional affair. Despite the many representations of intimacy which pervade mainstream media, the concept of intimacy is much deeper than the shallow associations often portrayed by human beings.

In John chapter 14 verse 7, Jesus describes the imminent arrival of the Holy Spirit. This conversation introduces the role of the Holy Spirit where Jesus explains how the Holy Spirit will accompany the disciples in His absence. Moreover, Jesus’s description of the Holy Spirit includes the fact that He will be sent from the Father (v 15). Essentially, once the Holy Spirit comes, the disciples would know intimacy on a level they had not yet known before.

From this passage, we can learn three characteristics about intimacy with the Holy Spirit:

1) Intimacy Must be Intentional but Intimacy Cannot be Forced

The Holy Spirit is intimately connected to us when we allow Him to penetrate every aspect of our lives. According to Jesus,  He will reside both in us and with us. That means the Holy Spirit is immersive because He surrounds us completely. However, this sort of intimacy can only be experienced by initially receiving Him. With the Holy Spirit, you cannot fake the connection if it isn’t there. Because the world cannot experience the Holy Spirit in the same way, we learn that intimacy is only available to those of us who see Him and know Him through relationship with Him (John 14:17).

2) Intimacy Involves Vulnerability

Intimacy will render you vulnerable. When you are vulnerable, you are left open to exposure.  Intimacy will grant the other party access to deeper knowledge of you that transcends what is exhibited on the surface. In the same way, the Holy Spirit will know you in ways others do not, and the more intimate you are with Him, the more you will know Him. His indwelling presence will result in a greater familiarity with the Holy Spirit’s ways that attest to His ministry. And since He is a revealer, He will show you what your weaknesses are so that you will rely on Him for His strength.

3) Intimacy is Responsibility

Truly we did nothing to earn the Holy Spirit. Relationship with Him is a privilege given to us. As such, we must steward our intimacy with Him. Intimacy is not simply a one time interaction. Rather, intimacy evolves and becomes more layered over time. Therefore, we must be committed to drawing nearer through consistent prayer and through reading  the Word. In doing so, we will maintain the active presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Reflection:  Are you intimate with the Holy Spirit?

What are some ways you can increase your intimacy with the Holy Spirit and take your relationship to the next level?

Prayer Father God, thank You for the Holy Spirit. I pray that I will grow in intimacy with Him each day. May I be faithful to steward this intimacy through everything You instruct me to do. In Jesus name, Amen.

By Deborah Nimoh