Back To The Basics Part 2 : Who Is He to YOU?

Read: John 4:39-42

“Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in Him because of the woman’s testimony” John 4:39

Interviews with some of pop culture’s most celebrated figures are hard to come by. Due to busy schedules and notoriety, not everyone is granted the chance to sit down and get a behind the scenes look at who these icons really are. Whether the exclusive opportunity is planned or unexpected, a good inquirer would likely do just about anything to seize the moment and uncover the true story the world has yet to find out.

John chapter 4 details Jesus’s encounter with a Samaritan woman at a well. At first, the lady does not recognize Jesus for who He is. It is in their conversation that Jesus reveals some intimate details about her personal life, and then seizes the moment to uncover the truth about His identity. Finally, when it is revealed that He is indeed the long-awaited Messiah, and not a prophet like she suspected, her inquiries cease. Such a life-changing encounter inspires the Samaritan woman to share her testimony with others who are led to believe in Jesus for the first time.

From this story, we can learn three lessons:

1) Jesus is Always Willing to Reveal Himself to Us

Here in this story, the Samaritan woman had an unexpected encounter with Jesus. That is to say, she wasn’t actively seeking Jesus or planning to meet Him. Yet, that did not stop Jesus from approaching her to make His request. While the Samaritan woman almost rejected Him on the basis of their ethnic divide, Jesus extended the conversation to teach her what she would not have known otherwise about His identity. Since Jesus did not neglect to initiate the conversation, we can be encouraged that there are no barriers Jesus would not break through in order to reveal Himself to us.

2) Forget About the Prerequisites

Sometimes we forget that it does not always take a church service, a mission trip or the strategic branding on social media to reach people. If you feel as though you don’t know enough scripture to describe what Jesus has done for you, that’s ok. Don’t hold out because you are waiting for the perfect time and the perfect place. Even in the seemingly trivial day-to-day routines, Jesus is present. So, don’t limit yourself and miss out on an opportunity that can lead others to believe in Him.

3) Get Up Close and Personal

Chances are, most people have heard about Jesus – even if only in passing or through the grapevine. But, if you know He’s more than just the talk of the town, let people know who Jesus is to YOU. Your personal testimony is powerful. Don’t underestimate it. After interacting with Jesus, not only could the Samaritan woman affirm that He was the Messiah, but she stressed that He knew “everything she ever did” (John 4:29). A revelation of Jesus is too good for you to keep to yourself. So tell others how He blew your mind, how He met you where you were or even where you are presently, and how He knows what only God could know about you. 

Reflection: Who is Jesus to YOU? What is your testimony about His character?

Prayer: Father God, thank You for a revelation of Your Son Jesus Christ. I’m thankful Jesus that You met me right where I was, and despite all my mess, You chose to accept me anyway. I pray God that I will be emboldened to share my testimony so that others too would put their faith in You. Thank You for using me wherever, whenever. In Jesus name, Amen.

Written by Deborah Nimoh