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Thank you for choosing to give to Kingsway Community Life Centre (KCLC)!

KCLC is supported by people like you who love their community and want to help the Body of Christ grow.  Any donation given is truly appreciated and your generosity enables KCLC to fulfill its vision of “loving you back to life and destiny”. More specifically, your gifts help:

  • Run and operate various community programs and initiatives
  • Benevolent requests
  • KCLC operating expenses
  • KCLC building program

Below you will be asked to provide your contact and payment information. This contact information is required in order for KCLC to generate a tax receipt for all donations of $20.00 and above. This tax receipt will be generated annually and sent electronically to the email address that you provide.

Should you be interested in a non-monetary donation (e.g. donating services, physical goods and so forth), Please contact us for details on how you can help.

KCLC is a registered charity < Charity number 856522792rr0001>



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Your Monthly Pledge


If you would like to donate more that $100 a month, please contact and we will send you a special link to donate.


Thank you for your donation.

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