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What to Expect When You Visit KCLC’s Sunday Worship Service

Sunday Worship Service begins at 10:00 am. From the moment you walk into KCLC you’ll be made to feel at home. Our Congregant Service Workers (CSWs) will be positioned at the door and ready to welcome you, your family and friends. As you enter our main auditorium, our CSWs will politely help you find a comfortable seat to enjoy the worship experience!

From the time you walk in, until the moment you leave, we are committed to providing a creative, passionate, and welcoming presentation of God’s truth. Service begins with exceptional music of praise and worship lead by the Kingsway Levitical Worship Arts (KLWA) team.  The music wraps each Sunday sermon in a relatable way with different sounds and styles chosen for two purposes—to give authentic praise to God and to prepare your heart for what He has in store for you.

Pastor Richard J. Brown communicates in a way that is relevant to today’s culture and society, while holding fast to the truths of God’s Word. He focuses on how to apply Biblical principles to everyday living, so we can each walk in God’s incredible purpose for our lives.

Along with the inspiring and thought provoking Sunday morning service, KCLC holds Family Training hour at 8:00 pm on Wednesday evening. This is an intimate Bible Study service or Life Group session that allows for open dialogue and deeper direction on how to apply God’s principles.

Be sure to explore some of our family ministries available to serve your more personal needs.

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