Sermon Title: “Internal Reset”(Click Here to watch Sermon)

Pastor Richard Brown

Scripture reading: Colossians 3:1-3

Palm Sunday. We are approaching the most special time in the Christian calendar.  

This phrase is usually compatible with our smart devices. Also known as a “factory” or “master reset”. Internal reset refers to the restoration of a device to the state it was in before it left the manufacturer. When the device is internally reset, all settings, applications and data added by the user are removed. There is a fresh, clean, state. The most common reason is to fix a malfunctioning device.

So much of our lives depend on our settings. Life can be traumatic if we don’t have the right settings. Even trying to use our smart devices, if they aren’t set correctly, it can be really traumatic. If there are too many apps open everything will be sluggish and slowed down. The pursuit of our destiny can become sluggish and slow and freeze if we are connected to the wrong things. If I want something to change externally, I have to look past the external operations and go into the internal settings. We often look for changes in our lives but the issue doesn’t lie in our external behaviour or our performance, the issue is in our internal settings. If we reset our internal settings then we will function in accordance to God’s plan.

2021 is advancing and for some of us our settings are off course and we require an internal reset. If you are in a crazy place in your life – somewhere internally your settings are off course. One degree off course will take you to a completely different destination. Not an issue of competence. The issue is internal not external. We need a reset. It is still early enough in the year to get an internal reset. Set your affections. Set – establish or to place in position. When something is set, it is established, placed in position. Settings are critical to success. We need to have the correct internal settings. The sailor sets his sail to counter the winds that will otherwise blow him off-course. In order for him to get to his destination he has to set his sail. There are winds that are coming that will attempt to blow him off-course. Easy to go off course if your mind is not set. It is easy to start up on one path and not end up where you expected to end up. We need to constantly and daily check our life settings to ensure we are on course. It is critical that our internal settings are set correctly. The success of the two builders was contingent on the internal settings – sand or rock. Not contingent on the material, expertise, competence, conduct or behaviour, the success was contingent on the setting. We live in a world full of shifting sands – economically and more. It is more important than ever for the people of God to be set right. We must not go off course.

What’s happening internally? If we abide in the Word then we will know the truth and the truth shall set us free. We must first abide in the Word to know the Word. Only then will we be set at freedom and liberty. It isn’t any truth that will set you free. It is the truth that you know that will set you free. The truth that you don’t know will never set you free – no matter how true it is – simply because you don’t know it. The problem with us Christians is that we are more set in the world than we are in the Word. It is an indictment that we believe more of what we see in the world than the Word. If we abide in the Word then the Word that we know will set us free. We need an internal reset if we are going to stay on-course and be successful. Every now and then we need a hard reset. We need to go back to where we were the original state before we added all those things that weren’t necessary nor productive. The spirit of God is trying to reset us before we go off-course. Receive an internal reset.

Where are you set? Set your faith right, on the Rock which is Jesus Christ. The scripture talks a lot about establishing and settings. Where we are set (positioned, established, where we are) determines where God can set us. If you’ve ever looked at some successful believers and wondered how they got there or received that or walked in that know that what you get is based on where you are set. If your internal settings are not right and God sets you externally your world will eventually collapse. This is called “cognitive dissonance”. What is this? Cognitive dissonance is when your behaviour is not aligned with your beliefs. This creates a disagreement or dissonance. When the inner does not match the outer. For example, you’re having thoughts about your health to eat better and to do better. Monday you go to work and your coworkers have a box of donuts ready and waiting. You decide to gorge yourself on the donuts because your inner beliefs do not match your outer behaviour. There’s something different happening on the inside then how you are acting on the outside. Can play the game for a little while but eventually it is going to fall apart. God didn’t shed His blood for us to act like Christians; Jesus died that we would BE Christians. To be a Christian, we need an internal reset so that the inner can match the outer. Something has to happen on the inside.

What is the key then to an internal reset? Paul tells the Galatians in Galatian 5 – it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. In order for us to be set free we must remain in the Word – dwell and abide there. The Bible has to be an open book, something we live in not when we want to argue or want pain relief. The Word of God must be where we dwell and tabernacle – this is the world Shekinah. We must sit and be set in the Word of God. If you are not going to fall in cognitive dissonance you must remain in the Word of God. If you don’t remain in the Word it will be like walking in a prison with all the doors open. You shall know the truth and then the truth shall set you free. The only way you can know something is if you explore it. When was the last time you explored the Word of God? Search the scriptures, go through the Word and the Word will tell you who you are.

Jesus has set us free. He broke the bars of prison on Calvary. But many of us are not walking in that freedom because we don’t know what He has done. We watch more tv shows and reality shows, we watch the news, we focus on what the world is doing and saying but we don’t know what the Word is saying. Even as believers we are in despair – the only reason why we are there is because we are not in the Word. We ought not to be confused about 2020 or 2021 because of what we know – the Word of God. What do we know? Do we know what the slanderers are telling us? Whose report will we believe? We can only believe the report that we know.

What is the key for an internal reset? Three things:

  1. Somethings have to be retained
  2. Somethings have to be released
  3. Somethings have to be remembered
  1. Retained

We need to retain an awareness of our foundation. Understand our base, keep the main thing the main thing. We are getting ready to celebrate the plan of God to redeem us. Salvation! We must retain at all times an understanding of our foundation. We cannot move away from foundational things. Paul tells us that we are risen with Christ. The word “if” is not a statement of possibility but a declaration of spiritual reality. Paul was saying “since” we are risen with Christ  – not “if” in the sense of possibility but absolutely where we are – a spiritual disposition. When Jesus died on Calvary, we died as well. Galatians 2:20. Romans 6:1-11. In a spiritual sense we’ve all died to the penalty and the power of sin. That’s why it is so crazy for us to allow sin to have dominion on us. We are dead to sin and dead to the penalties. We are not waiting to be punished for our sins. We are dead to our sins. Don’t keep struggling with the same old sins. When Jesus died on the cross, we died with Him and in Him. Because we are dead, we don’t have to be worried about paying for our sins – the price and the penalty have been paid. What an awesome price to bring us life and liberty. Because we have died with Christ, we have been liberated from the power of sin over our lives. Sin shall no longer dominate you. Everything that Adam had set wrong the second Adam set right. Jesus put an end to all of the powers of hell when He died on the cross. When we put our faith in Him that means everything connected to Him is no longer dominated by sin. There is a sense where every child of God is dead. Paul reminds us that we’ve also been raised up with Jesus Christ. When He rose from the dead we also rose. Because He lives, we also live – that ought to be our greatest joy. If death and dead things couldn’t hold Him captive they cannot hold us captive! No grave of poverty, shame, slander, betrayal, addictions can hold us down. We can get up also but we need an internal reset. We must never forget that we are dead to sin and alive to new life in Jesus. To say you are a believer, your foundation has to be on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In order to have any covenant with Jesus Christ with God then you have to understand the death and the burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We need to retain attention to our focus. Since we have been raised in Jesus Christ, we are being told to seek those things which are above. Seek. It is action based. We have to seek those things which are above. We must no longer be subjected to the perspectives of this earth. We have to seek out and actively go after a spiritual perspective, have to have heavenly things on our mind. Set your affections. Affections aka your mind on that which is above. Stop looking down. Don’t let your mind, desires, conversations be too low. Get your mind out of the gutter and set your affections, mind, aspirations on heavenly, spiritual things. Allow a heavenly perspective to govern our earthly walk. We don’t walk as mere men. We must live it with a heavenly perspective. Live it with heaven in view. Make decisions in light of eternity. You’ve got to live with that perspective in mind. Paul says set your affection on things above.

  1. Released

Pastor Brown recently purchased an iphone 11 and he wanted to sync his new phone with his apple watch. He couldn’t do it as much as he tried. Until it dawned on him, the watch was still synced to the old iphone. What old things are you still in sync with? What old ways and habits, people from your past are you still in sync and connected to? Because of that connection, that syncopation, the new is in your hand but you can do nothing with the new until you release the old. In order for there to be a connection between the new watch and the new phone Pastor Brown had to go into the settings and erase the old. Some things have to be let go. No matter how much you enjoyed or enjoyed them. Some things, people, associations, connections have to be let go. There are just some things that want to attach themselves to our lives that are plain old rubbish. Don’t be connected to garbage, trashy conversations and affections. Then there are other things that simply don’t have a place in our lives anymore. Those things, they need to be released. In the entire book of Colossians, Paul is telling them to get rid of the false – fake fur, fake friends. Release the false things in your life. In order for you to upgrade and elevate to a greater capacity, you have to detach yourself from old things, false doctrines. Paul warned the early believers of those who would carry them off with every false doctrine. The enemy would love for the believers to get themselves trapped in a false system of belief. It is amazing how many Jesus people are attached to legalism and false things that cannot bring them any power. It’s amazing how many people are still attached to dress code and what you look like. It is amazing how we have a propensity to attach ourselves to somethings that have nothing to do with His love and our mission for our lives. Vain deceits are just empty. People trapped in this look like they work; they are shouting, the music is going. People look like a Christian with the music going but it is deceitful. If covid hasn’t done anything else for Christian people, it has caused us to get rid of the gimmicks. Paul talks about the traditions of man and the rudiments of the world. Anything that takes your attention off Jesus. Get rid of it. Get rid of the foolish demands. Christians ought to standfast in liberty. All things are lawful but not everything is expedient. Don’t try to put me in bondage because you are in bondage. No man has the right to be their judge. What you do or do not do is not what makes you a spiritual person. Spirituality comes from knowing Jesus and allowing Him to live through you. Release the fleshly deeds. Many of us were very damaged when we came to Jesus. When we accepted Him our spirits were immediately saved. Saved but living out patterns of destructive behaviour. Came to church on Sunday and got all fired up but then lived a contradictory life in the week. Not a spiritual issue. No such thing as being “not saved good”. Either you are saved or not. You can however be saved and still live out patterns of destructive behaviour. These things cannot just be addressed by spiritual things like praying and fasting. Many try these things but still have destructive behaviours. That’s because the issue is not in your spirit it is in your soul. Your spirit is saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost filled, but your mind is not. You need an internal reset of your mind. Understand that we are tripart beings. Most of us got saved in the church. The moment that you genuinely said amen you were instantaneously saved translated into the kingdom of light. If you however came to that same altar with high blood pressure for example, you would have left that altar saved but with those same issues. Not that you are not saved but you have those same issues. You’re going to be saved but having diabetes. It’s not a spiritual issue, there are things that need to be released. You can be saved and wounded. You can stay that way and get to heaven but then you can’t live out to your maximum potential with all of these wounds. If you don’t allow Him to address those wounded areas…deal with the soulish realm of your life…you will stay saved and wounded. Sometimes we need therapy. We’ll be identified by our issue. The woman with the issue of blood, the demon-possessed boy, the liar, slanderer, the whore. If we don’t allow the Holy Spirit to come in and release our soul then we will be identified by our issue. The Word became flesh and then dwelt among us. God wants to move into our neighbourhood (Message translation of John 1:14). God wants us to take Him into every part of our lives. The Word became flesh and then moved into our lives.

  1. Remembered

Some things need to be remembered. We must remember that there has been a death. We are dead and our life is hidden with Christ in God. We are reminded again that we have died to sin. If then you have died to sin, set your affections. Paul is trying to remind us that we have died in Christ. We are dead to sin, dead to the influences of this world where we no longer react by those things anymore. No longer walk in that anymore. One of the surest ways for us to enjoy victory in our life is for us to understand that we are crucified in Jesus Christ. To enjoy salvation is to know we died in Jesus Christ. We are allowing Jesus to live that Christian life through us. That’s where we find our victory; not in our attempts. All of our righteousness is as filthy rags. Remember that there has been a death. Remember that there has been a deposit. We are dead and our life is hidden in Christ. When we were saved we were given new life in Jesus Christ. There is a divine nature inside of us. We have to remember that we are not just earthly, we are spiritual, an overcomer, seated in heavenly places far above those things that held us bound. There is a divine deposit, we have eternity in our heart.

This Palm Sunday, as we get ready to celebrate Jesus and all that He has done for us, let’s set our mind and our hearts. Receive an internal reset.