Sermon Title: “Get Ready” (Click Here to watch Sermon)

Pastor Dennis Martin

Scripture reading: Isaiah 54:1-8

We have declared that this year is the year for building for better. There is a season of discovery, development and deployment. In this first quarter, as we discover and begin to build for better, there has to be expectations. If we build without expectations, the building will not be firm. If we build knowing that we are going to step into this thing, we will make sure that everything to make this building firm will be there.

“For thy maker is your husband”

When we consider what is going on in Israel at this time, the prophet is ministering at the time when King Hezekiah is on the throne. This is a prophetic word, and there is always a time tied to prophecy. You have to acknowledge what is going on at that time. There is a present tense and a future tense. Sometimes the future tense is our application. How it applies in the future is more applicable to us. This is a promise from God, an eyeopener. He is saying “sing oh barren”. Barrenness was an issue in Israel. When you saw women who were barren it was a shameful thing – it never looked in as good. Women who were barren had low self esteem and never thought highly of themselves. Pastor Dennis is talking to people (through this sermon) who know they are supposed to be fruitful and have not seen it yet.

Barrenness is not a joke. Barrenness should be seen as a sign against the word of God in your life. If you haven’t seen the word of God come to fruition in your life then that is a sign of barreness. We ought to be fruitful and multiply. There are people asking “All my life, when is the word going to come to fruition?” When we speak of barreness it speaks of the enemy trying to hold back the word of God over our life. Barrenness should not exist. God will never allow His word to remain vacant. The barrenness was not a permanent situation. The situation with our finances is not a permanent situation. Naomi left where she was from because her and her family felt there was a famine (Ruth 1). Naomi took her family with her husband outside of the will of God and had to come back empty when they found out the Lord visited their former land. If only they had considered at the time that maybe they could have outlived the crisis. God is telling us in this season of time to get ourselves ready. God is telling you to sing like you haven’t been experiencing barrenness. Believe God for what is supposed to be coming your way this season. It was only for a season, that season of barreness. God is telling us that if we have not produced a child, now it is the time to sing like we have one. If you’ve been unemployed, conduct yourself like you have the job. The way you want your family to be structured, start acting like it. Look like what you are asking for, behave what you are believing for. Barrenness won’t last long. Get ready, it is in this season He is going to show himself strong. Barrenness is always an attack of the word of God in your life.

One of the greatest things we can discover in this season of discovery is how God works. The moment God says the barrenness is going to stop, “get ready”. There are some things we need to put into place. If God is telling you you are no longer going to be barren any longer, get ready to be fruitful. For you to produce children there needs to be a husband in place. There are some things that are barren in your life because the necessary component to make it happen is not there. If God is telling you you are going to bear a child it won’t be in wedlock, it will be in the confines of marriage. God is going to do a great thing in your life, but it will be done His way. For anything in your life that is about to be fruitful you have to know what God is planning to do. If your mind is so broad and wide you won’t be able to know what that necessary component is that you need.

If barrenness speaks in regard to a woman not bearing children, if she is to bear children it requires a man. The thing you are believing God for, you need to know what you need. Know specifically what it is that you are believing God for. In doing that, you will begin to see the necessary ingredient God is bringing your way. It is a crazy situation in a person’s life to be in a place where God is about to do something and you are not cognizant not because God hid it from you. Don’t be indecisive. If a woman who is barren is to have a child, she needs a husband. If you are believing God for a business – what is the necessary ingredient you need? You need to know what is lacking to get to the next level. God never required any of us to do anything with our eyes closed. Open your eyes to see the provision coming your way. God gives provision to the vision as the vision gets executed and begins to overflow that is when your personal provision comes forth. It all hinges on understanding the vision. What is the necessary component that needs to be added to your life, you need to know it so you don’t miss it. Barrenness is a direct attack over our lives. God declared we need to be fruitful. Don’t lack faith over the word of God. sometimes the word needs to come in a season and the barrenness is necessary

God said in this word it is only for a season that God hid His face. We need to get ready. The things you are believing God for, faith it until you make it. Trust Him. The world hustles, the believer receives. It is already laid out for you. This is the simplicity of Christianity and being a child of God. Your Father is not a deadbeat father. He takes care of His children. God is saying get ready and sing your songs (Isaiah 54:1). What would it be like if we as black people never had a song? While we were experiencing slavery, we sang songs. Like the old philosopher said “I sing my song because I have a song.” Sing like you have it. It might not change the situation. How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land (Psalm 137:4). Singing may not change the room but it will change the environment. It will prepare your mind to see how God works. Posture yourself – sing a song. Express yourself as a person that has already received the blessing God has for you. When you sing – it is projected outward. You are letting everyone know that this is coming. How you carry yourself sometimes can be your song. Every individual that has been barren and experiencing lack that knows there is a prophetic word over your life and you have yet to see it come to fruition. God is saying get ready. Sing like you have it – act like you have it.

When God is doing His thing what do we do? Verse 3 is telling us to enlarge our tents. It is talking about the body – the house – who we are. To not experience barrenness, broaden your capacity and enlarge your thinking. The jars had enough oil. The problem is the vessels containing the oil were too small. God can dwell in anything. The heavens and the universe could not contain the glory of God (1 Kings 8:27). Room for God to dwell and room for God to work are two different things. Your bed is not the same size as the area where you work in life. Room for where you sleep and work are two different sizes. Space for where you dwell and space for work are two different things. Broaden the capacity of your thinking, stretch your faith, increase your spirituality, enlarge your tent – who you are. What are the areas of your life you know you need to improve on? It is critical that you do it now. Start becoming the person that God needs you to be to maintain this blessing. We need to lengthen our cords. How many people today have become committed to stretching themselves. This season for building for better requires you to stretch yourself. Being better is not the place you formally were. Building for better does require you to stretch yourself. Your comfort zone is probably the safest space you know. But it will never be the place where you will create and do the most with opportunity. There has to be a commitment this season to stretch yourself. Become possessors of what God has for you. Be committed to stretch and strengthen yourself. Set the pegs of your tent. Get grounded. Stretch the standard of your living. But what supports your tent (life) are the pegs that draw the tent in the ground (Isaiah 54:2). You have to be able to be in a place to trust those who are accountable to you that ensure you are staying on the path you want to live. Many of us are trying to raise a standard in our life and then we go back to living the life we need to leave.

Lengthen your cords and watch the cords that hold down the tent. Surround yourself with people who truly believe the best for you who love you and believe what God has in store for you. Entrust the vision that God has given you to them. Blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly. Why are you standing in the way of people who don’t endorse your way of living? Now you are sitting in the seats of the scornful (Psalm 1:1). Make sure your support network looks like the place you want to go. “What if Pastor Dennis, I’m believing God for a child, should I go out and buy a crib?” No no no, don’t put everything outside of yourself in place first. Put your internal place in order first. Before you physically become a mother, make sure you become one internally. internally , as a vessel who you are, get that in order, strengthen those cords, lengthen those cords. God is telling you to stretch yourself. Get out of the comfort zone. Don’t be fearful to move forward and let certain things go. Don’t be a people that is fearful. Don’t fear, you will not be ashamed. 2021 can be the best year of your life; don’t do it in fear. Things birthed in faith can’t be nurtured in fear. You can’t be fearful. Fear will cripple you and worry too will rob you of the day. Our days are so precious. Many people haven’t seen this day. God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. God is telling us in this season that we need to enlarge our tents and not to be fearful. Fear lasts for a moment but regret is forever. Don’t live your life regretting that you didn’t do certain things. Don’t allow fear to cripple you. The Bible is telling us God doesn’t want to control our thoughts and we aren’t moving forward because we are remembering the wrong stuff. We are remembering all the calamities and the struggles. We will forget the shame of your youth and won’t remember the reproach of our widowhood anymore. God is telling you He will control your thoughts. Whatever a man thinketh so is He. God is telling you to remember the prophecy and His Word. that is the thing that is supposed to be done. God is saying I will control your thoughts. He is going to make sure you remember the prophecy and the word. When the specific thing shows up you’ll miss the blessing because you’ve missed your God-given moment. Have to wait for the season to come around again but God has said I’m going to control your thoughts. You will not remember the reproach of your youth. You won’t be a product of your past. People say if you forget where you came from you won’t remember where you are going. But God is not dwelling on our past. He is deeply invested in our future. Our mistakes are now our wisdom for today and tomorrow. The mistakes made yesterday are our wisdom for today and tomorrow. When you make mistakes, you are putting a red light on the hand of God in your life.

God hastens to perform His Word. He is invested in making sure His Word doesn’t return back to Him void. He will control your thinking. Some of us are too analytical in what we do. Paralysis by analysis – you think too much, you measure too much, you will miss a season if you don’t boldly move. Those who didn’t have it like you do build your life and finances to where you believe God is taking you. It has to come from a place of enlarging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. Fear is: forget everything and run. The destiny He has for you, stop running in the opposite direction. This is the season where He’ll make it happen.

God said in verse 5 “for your maker is your husband.”. God is saying in this season your barrenness stops. God is making sure your womb is fruitful by being your husband. The necessary component for every woman to produce a child is a husband – not a man. Not any man, but a husband. God is not going to let anyone and everybody fulfil this necessary component. God gave us the prerequisites first. For God to be that person for you we have to stretch ourselves. We can’t function in fear. God at the end is telling us He is going to be our husband. That necessary ingredient we need. The only thing that we ever lacked was the only contribution to what we are believing in this season, God is going to take it further and be your husband. Not just a provider but a husband. Anyone can be benevolent to you but God is/will do more by going beyond that. Anyone with a heart to give can. God is saying He is going to be a husband He is going to take His place in our life. Make sure you are the person you need to be stretching yourself, bettering yourself, not functioning in fear. Don’t allow the fear of the past, the fear of staying in a comfort zone to cause you to be barren. Be teachable and susceptible to His voice. Know God for yourself at this level. Make sure you stretch yourself and come out of your comfort zone. The barrenness in your respective areas must stop – God is telling you today is the day now is the time that the barrenness stops. God is saying “I will be the husband the difference maker in your life.” Many are saying “well where was God before?” Now He’s saying He’ll be the husband. Pastor is teaching us how God works.

Why do we feel forsaken and lonely at times? Read: 2 Chronicles 32:31. God withdrew from them in order to test them. The Bible clearly said that God withdrew from them for a season to test their heart. If there was ever a season we felt alone, it’s clear that God does step away not out of wickedness but so that He can see what’s in our hearts. Many of us are asking us when is this prophecy going to come to fruition? When God is not saying anything or doing anything these are one of those moments (2 Chronicles 32:31) God is seeing what we are going to do. He is the God of wonders AND wisdom. What sense does it make to give you resurrection power and not wisdom? You have the mind to get out of this thing. God is doing this today. He stepped back just to see how and what you’d do. God created everything and gave Adam a moment to name things. God wants to know what is in your head. God has not forsaken you. God is telling you to get ready. God is not only God your husband but your father as well. He can fulfill all these roles in your life. He is very much concerned for your development. There are times in your life you have to make a decision for yourself. God just wants to see what you want to do. God has the grace to deliver you but He wants to see if you’ll make a decision. Can’t pray your way out of making a decision. All you can do is pray and ask the Lord to occupy your mind daily so that when you make a decision you know that it is made with a godly perspective and that you have everything you need done.

God is about to change your season of bareness. Prepare your mind to be a possessor of what God has in store for you. Get ready. The onus is not on God. The onus is on you to get ready. The barrenness will stop when you get ready. What is required of us.? Get out of the comfort zone. It may take a lot of changes and amendments. The necessary changes can’t be done by yourself, this is why the word tells us that we need to lengthen our cord and strengthen our stakes. Make sure you surround yourself with people that can hold you accountable. Get ready and do the necessary things you need to get ready because you know you can’t function in fear. Don’t just hold on to what is familiar. If you’ve been asking God for something new, don’t function in fear. God is holding your hand; He is your husband. God is committed. Sometimes He holds back himself just to see what we’ll do. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways (James 1:8). He can’t hold weight but the moment we are no longer unstable, God will put weight on us when we aren’t indecisive. God is calling us men and women to be fruitful and to not be barren. Get ready for fruitfulness. God will not sit down and relax and allow the enemy to have full control of the word over your life. Get ready and be a possessor of what God has coming for you. Adhere to the word of God and do the necessary things that are required for you to get ready. Be an active listener to the word of God. be a possessor of the blessing.