Sermon Title: “The Best Man

Scripture Reading: John 2:1-11

Pastor Dennis Martin

John says in the book of the Gospel of John, “I write that ye might believe”(John 20:31).
Every time we open this book, it ignites our faith – based on how John wrote the book. In our
passage today, Jesus is invited to a wedding along with his mother and disciples. There is no
mention of his dad – Joseph may have passed away. As we look at this text, we come to look at
the importance of a best man. He makes life easy for a groomsman, he is the right hand man.
The wedding will go well. Jesus is our best man. And yet, He came to the wedding as a guest.
This tells us who He is; knowing what takes place at weddings. He decided to go to the most
celebratory event in all Jewish culture. Know that you can invite Jesus into certain situations and
He won’t make the situation boring. There are fun things in your life you may think you can’t
bring Jesus into but no – we can always invite Him. There is no invitation Jesus won’t fulfil.
How many things in our lives have we brought Jesus into? Sometimes it’s not “God where are
you?” It’s sometimes that we have not invited Him. Sometimes in life calamity happens and
certain things don’t go the way as planned. At least we can find solace knowing that at least
Jesus is in the room. Jesus is the best man. He is the man that should always be by our side.
He makes sure everything runs smoothly. He starts off as a guest. Gradually in our life He will
come to the forefront. He was invited to this occasion.

Jesus doesn’t turn down any invitation because He is not judgmental – church people are. Come
unto me all who are heavy laden. Whoever invited Him He came. Therefore there is nothing we
can invite Him to and He won’t come. Jesus will show up. There are some situations we go
through we can’t share it with anyone else but we can always bring Jesus into the situation.
They allowed Jesus to come to the wedding. It wasn’t HIs hour to do ministry but He cared
enough about the foundational component to family and marriage. That’s an amazing thing to
note – God cares about family. When we lose familyhood, brotherhood, sisterhood, motherhood
we lose neighbourhoods. God came to a wedding – a union of a male and a female coming
together – this shows He cares for the family. Jesus cares about my family. Jesus cares about
my finances. It is not only you who cares about these things.

Further in the text, they had no wine. This is a mysterious thing to me. Mary comes like she
knows something no one else does. She’s just a guest there. The bridegroom had no wine.
When you look at the historical setting and the culture of the jewish people, when you lack wine
you lack planning and preparation and gratitude for the guests to show up – it’s an
embarrassment. There are things probably not properly done in our own personal lives. There
were situations in Pastor Dennis’s life that occurred and he didn’t have all his ducks in a row. He
didn’t have all his t’s crossed and his i’s dotted. Now that we know the Lord, the same way that
Jesus saved this couple from embarrassment, God is able to save us from embarrassment.
Jesus can respond to those things. Jesus is the best man. He can provide aid. What are you

running low on? Faith, patience, finances? We’ve gone through a tough two years already. Mary
is looking to Jesus and saying “hey they have no wine”. It doesn’t matter what you don’t have
altogether, as long as you’ve invited Jesus to the situation, there is a solution, a best man,
someone for aid in your life. That is the person of Jesus Christ. We don’t know why the problem
was brought to Mary but she took it to Jesus. She remembered the angel that prophesied to her.
According to the gospel of John, Jesus was already publicly recognized as the lamb that came
into the world to take away all sins. She knew who she carried in her womb. Mary is itching for
Jesus to do something. She probably had to experience a lot of ridicule for her pregnancy, now
a situation comes where Jesus can show forth who He is. Pastor Dennis came to encourage the
people who know who Jesus is; who remember the dream He gave us. Pastor Dennis came to
let us know that He will still do it. If only you continue to remember the word of God prophesied,
the dream and the promises. Mary remembered it all and said you know what, you have to do
something. This is an issue you have to address.

Jesus, comes out of nowhere with Shakespearean talk. Woman my hour hath not come. Does
He do it? Yes He does. He doesn’t just move on time, but out of the urgency of our hearts. God
didn’t let them be embarrassed. You think God would allow David to say all those things to
Goliath and then let him die? Just invite Him to all that you do. In this season, we have to take
our hand off certain things. To know this is a God thing. People who usually put things in God’s
hand can look back and see the hand of God in their life. Mary comes to Him and says “we have
no wine” and when people saw Jesus, they said let’s see what this man can do. Jesus is our
best man, our right-hand, our wingman. He is there to help us with anything we need. This was
the biggest celebration, this was a wedding and this couple was going to get extremely
embarrassed. But the Lord our Master will not allow us to be ashamed, it wasn’t wrong for Mary
to come to Jesus with the matter – know what’s inside you, know who you are pulling from. Mary
knew who she carried. She knew He was the Messiah and overcame the temptations of the
devil. All she was saying was now is the time for you to show up. God, this is the time now for
you to show up. All it requires is that you invite Him in and bring the situation – things will be
solved. But what we don’t do is we don’t invite Jesus to certain things because we don’t think
He belongs there. Many things we take part in not thinking He belongs. The people may not
have known Jesus was the Messiah but Jesus knew who He was. He took His disciples with
Him, went and saw the problem and wanted to fix it. Mary is asking Jesus to take action. This is
the beginning of the message. The problem – but what is the process? Jesus tells the servants
to go get two waterpots according to the custom of washing. There is already a master of the
wedding, a wedding coordinator. But something compels them to listen to Jesus; they don’t
know who He is according to Him being the Son of God. In the spirit realm, people know Him
and it compels people to fall in line. In the spirit realm you are somebody. These two servants
are already being paid by someone else. Jesus begins His miracle by doing something already
there. He will always use what is there. There is more to you than what you don’t have. Real
people that trust in the Lord don’t cry about what they don’t have, they make the most of what
they do.

There was a widow in the old testament who had only jars and the prophet used those jars to
make a miracle come forth. Jesus started with what was already there. Understand the

craziness of obedience. When people come out of the desert and come into a place, they wash
their hands and feet in those same waterpots He requested. Jesus asks them to bring this.
Many people would look at this and wonder what Jesus is planning to do with this. Sometimes
we can giggle but let’s selah and think about it. The Wonderful Counselor, the extraordinary
strategist. He won’t come up with a solution that is common to man. He will come with a level of
understanding that is way above. Especially when it is a miracle. Things don’t have to be
immaculately clean for God to use them. They may not live the best, walk the best, pray and
speak in tongues, but because they are not full but empty, God can use them. We used to think
that we had to be filled for God to use us; we know everything, no one can say anything to us –
we are too full. Doubt used to be the enemy of faith – now we know too much. The first time man
questioned God, it was after they ate the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. But because these
vessels are empty, Jesus tells them to fill it up with water. They filled it up to the brim. Jesus
tells them to fill it up to the brim because He’s not adding anything to it. We can look at our life
and say sometimes I wish I had this. There is nothing wrong with who you are right now – what
you require is a transformation – let not your mind be conformed to this world but be transformed
by the renewing of your mind that you may test and see what is His pleasing and perfect will
(Romans 12:2). The best man in your life, Jesus Christ, your right hand man, your best friend,
He wants to do a transformation in your life. I thank God they filled it up to the brim. Sometimes
when Jesus wants us to do a thing, we don’t do it the full way – we serve halfway. Not knowing
that it is in the half-action that we only get half a miracle.

Recall the woman and the prophet. The oil was a little because she saw it as little. But that
same oil that was little when she had more jars kept on pouring and she knocked on doors to
get even more jars. If she only had two jars, it’d still be a miracle. Two jars would produce a
miracle but it wouldn’t create the same blessing. If those two young men didn’t go out and get
those jars, the whole wedding would be a disaster. Jesus is doing all those things and most
people don’t know. God will move on your behalf and people sometimes won’t know. This whole
scenario is to help them and at the same time they are oblivious. When you think God is not
doing anything for you, He is moving behind the scenes. It may feel like His hand is not on you
but He is touching things concerning you. This person named Jesus Christ is a helper indeed.
They went to get the waterpots and filled it up to the brim. We need to do things to get out of
these situations. Follow instructions to the full. Fill it up to the brim because there is no room for
you to add anything to it. Sometimes as men and people we tend to get in God’s way; we try to
add a little bit of this and that. There was no room for us to mess up anything. We can do bad all
by ourselves. But we ought to be obedient to the Lord and do it to the brim. This is a statement
for people who want to be committed to the Lord. Everyone plainly saw the waterpots and what
they’ve been used for. God will ask us to do some stuff that makes us look weird. Now they are
bringing it to the Master of ceremony. But again, He is the Wonderful Counselor, the
extraordinary strategist. Not one grape is used. Whatever you are lacking, Jesus is not asking
you to add anything. You require wine – not one grape was used. He didn’t require us to add
anything. When Moses sweetened the bitter water it was by a tree that the Lord showed him.
Elisha used a vessel of salt to fix the bitter water. God doesn’t add, He multiplies He doesn’t
need us to add anything. God is going to do a transformation.

The best man, who came as a guest in our lives, Jesus, came with the greatest aid and support
to give us which was to allow for transformation to take place in our lives. He isn’t going to try
and add things to us. He will transform us. When we are in Christ, we are a new creation behold
all old things have passed away and all things are new (). God wants to transform our finances,
and our relations. You don’t need to make modifications to yourself; allow God to do all these
things for you. As He is the Potter, we as clay should have no agenda. He uses life to shape us.
Even the greatest of cars took immense heat to allow the metals to be bent into shapes we find
pleasant to look at. We don’t need anyone to add anything to us. He will make us the husband
or wife that we believe we can be. Transformation.

So they bring these waterpots to Jesus and these servants don’t know Jesus but they follow the
instructions. The servants who drew the water then knew about the miracle. We must
understand that Jesus is the best man and that He will have our back in every situation. He is
able to make sure your forehead stays sweatless; He came in as a guest and departed as the
best man. These young men filled up the water pots; they did as they were told, and then gave
the pots to the master of ceremony. The miracle took place in the act of their obedience. True
miracles take place when we are just simply obedient to the Lord.

Note one beautiful thing about this miracle that was performed. These servants did their work,
but it was a risk walking with these vessels looking at them, seeing it as water. The Bible
doesn’t tell us when it turned into wine. They were probably fearful, thinking about the master of
ceremony who hired them to do their work. Jesus with His chest probably held high told them to
bring the wine to the master of ceremony (John 2:8), Jesus will ask some of us to do drastic
things. This isn’t for everyone. It is for those that know His voice. It is for those who have had a
history with Him. Imagine these men going to the master of ceremony with a vessel of water
with a pail that people use to wash feet in hand. It turned into good wine and they celebrated
that it was good wine. For other people, when the Lord delivers you out of something – produces
good wine, brings a couple back together, provides a car, people don’t understand this is a
miracle! if they only knew the miracle that took place in our life and who He asked to be our aid.
To these two servants, this isn’t just good wine but a miracle. This is the kind of miracle the best
man wants to provide for us – something personal with us. The only people that knew what was
going on were Mary, Jesus, and the two servants. If they only knew how you had to work to get
that car, or had to work to just study. It was a miracle to get your license. If they only knew what
you guys have been through as a couple, fighting, lack of trust. For the master of ceremony, it
was good wine, it was personal.

Pastor Dennis is praying to God that He will give us a personal experience – even people can’t
celebrate it as much as we will. Some miracles Jesus just wants to give us personally. In all this,
the couple threw a party and had a wedding. It is embarrassing to do these things and to not
have all the things required but Jesus saved them from this embarrassment. He was the One
that made sure the groom was okay and made sure they didn’t have to worry about anything.
Jesus will make sure we are okay and that whatever is needed we won’t lack. This is a miracle
that will take place only through our obedience. Thinking about how God works, sometimes the
plan and the method isn’t our preference. But God will always make things beautiful in His own

time (Ecclesiastes 3:11) The vessels weren’t pretty but at the end of it all, they enjoyed wine.
The servants acknowledged the authority of Jesus Christ. In the spirit-realm, the devil and Jesus
see and know who we are. The issue in our life is that we don’t see ourselves and know who we
are. But Jesus will show us that we aren’t who we think we are. Marriage changes you for the

This is a word of encouragement. Here we are in this world and we have friends and people we
can rely on but when things go sideways we must introduce all to Jesus. He can handle every
situation. The first thing we should do is invite Jesus. If there is a problem going on we should
invite Jesus into every little thing and every little problem. When you bring it to Him, He will give
you instructions and the miracle will take place based on your obedience. He told the two
servants to do something and they did it to the t. They followed the instructions to the brim
whatever the Lord has laid upon your heart, follow His instructions to the brim. Make sure you
know that what you don’t see, He will see. He is your second pair of eyes. You have a best
man. He saved the wedding, going further, He may have saved the marriage. He can also save you.