Sermon Title: “Kingdom Mindset” (Click Here to watch Sermon)

Pastor Dennis Martin

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:31-33

You can only go so far only studying to know about God, but if you don’t know the kingdom, you are leaving yourself uninformed and ill equipped. Sometimes not being equipped with certain things doesn’t speak just to you but to the things you don’t have in place. If you are an amazing chef without pots and pans, you will not succeed. Sometimes as Christians we lack information. God in this season of time wants us to embrace the concept of kingdom. Some of us know about presidents and prime ministers, our mindset is not under a king. It’s not that the prime minister or the president do not care about you but a king is different. A king’s citizens reflect his kingship. If Pastor Dennis were to lose his house today, it likely wouldn’t impact Trudeau but any calamity that befalls a people in a kingdom will impact the king. God cares about what we are going through because it will also affect His image. God will allow us to experience wealth for His namesake. Sometimes our prayers shouldn’t always be “I don’t feel well, please help” sometimes our prayers should be “God, it won’t look too good on You if I’m lacking”. Because He is King. This is why He is also our Shepherd who won’t allow us to lack. That’s why Moses also said “You can’t allow us to die in the wilderness because it won’t look good on You”. This year it has to be about the kingdom. 

This is why Jesus said “We have to seek ye first the kingdom”. Paul was teaching about the kingdom for a couple of days. Jesus was speaking about the kingdom for three days. It is easier to speak about a person than the land they live in. The kingdom takes time. How you live affects the image of the king. Jesus is very concerned about how you live. A lot of people believe that God doesn’t care. The bible tells us a story about the seed and the sower. There was a wicked man that came in the night and planted tares. The bible says that the man told the angels to leave the tares because if they were to uproot them it would tear up some wheat. God wants a vineyard without tares. It’s not about sometimes how things happen in our life and God is not moving, but also about understanding God’s timing. So God said wait till the harvest, everything needs to come up anyway. That is the wisdom of God. It isn’t that God doesn’t care, we just lack His timing. In Matthew 6:31-33, God is saying take no thought – don’t worry. Worrying robs us of our today. Worrying is faith going backwards. The kingdom composure of the believer is that we cannot be worriers. We ought to plan not worry. When we worry, it is the same amount of energy applied when we plan.. If something is supposed to take place in our life, that says we are making an open declaration that we aren’t going to do anything about it. It is all about the investment of your energy. 

The kingdom mindset is simple – we ought to be people who do not worry. What are things you don’t have in place in your life right now – the bible says don’t worry! Focusing on what you don’t have will always put onto you a spirit of inefficiency. Take no thought of what you don’t have. There is more to you than what you don’t have. The kingdom is here. The kingdom has resources. We can only go so far only thinking to know about Trudeau and not regard the kingdom he oversees. You have to know the kingdom and the mindset of the kingdom. Every king’s desire is that the people that reside in his kingdom look like him, talk like him and act like him. Jesus didn’t worry. If something came His way that made Him uncomfortable He would pray. In the garden of Gethsemane, He asked His faithful ones to come pray about it. He wasn’t going to die there. That is the kingdom mindset. We ought not take thought on things we don’t have. That is the mentality of the kingdom. Think straight. Don’t focus on what you don’t have. God knows what you need already. Don’t take on a gentile mentality. This is the concept of someone who doesn’t know God. Everything we need, God knows it. The moment we make up our mind we are going to do a thing, accomplish a thing, God has the idea of what we need. What is the delay of the provision – simple, we lack the resolve of what we want to do. Just as you for your own children if they say they want to be an artist, you would go into the store and know every material they would need – the issue is are they fully committed on that route. God is not calling us to indecisiveness. God knows everything that we need. The question is, do we know everything that we are called to do? God already knows what you need. Don’t take no thought on anything you don’t have. Focus on the thing that you want to do. Pastor Dennis has seen sweetly saved people function outside of Christian sanity. God will withhold certain things for you. It is through the fiery trials of our faith. God will always provide a refining fire that will purify us. Can’t act like we have no relationship with God. Act like you know God. Behave like you have a pedigree with Him. Apply the life that you have with Him. Do not pursue after the things that gentiles seek after. Not that you can’t seek after a big house and a white picket fence, but seek ye first the kingdom. Get to know the culture of God and not just God’s hand. The kingdom comes first. Biblically speaking, the bible sometimes calls us to teach the kingdom first before teaching Jesus Christ. Because that’s primary. 

We have to know the kingdom. Every provision God has for every individual hinges on that person making a decision and a commitment to what they want to do. When you make that vision clear and absolute, God will provide it. The kingdom mindset is not a place of worrying, you are calm and composed. Don’t worry about food, clothes – Jesus said “you must have forgotten about the 2 loaves and 5 fishes”. Don’t worry about sickness, God can heal. It is the endeavour of every king to make sure that those who occupy every land are not lacking. It is the endeavour of every king that every member looks like him, talks like him and acts like him. This year is not a year of worry but of expectation. Once you make a commitment to what you want to do, you will start seeing things come your way. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of His righteousness and all else will be added onto you. Seek kingdom. The kingdom displays the will of the king and the desire of the king and his area of influence. We need to know the area of influence God has in our life – how much does God want to control and how much has been given to you? Make sure your decisions are made from a godly perspective. It takes more than walking in a bible that just says WWJD. We don’t read the gospels to just know signs and wonders but also to know how Jesus navigates life. Know the will of God and the desires of God in your life. Your life has to reflect that. This is an instruction to ensure you know how to be a citizen of the kingdom.

The kingdom has its benefits. The birds themselves that fly in the air – God provides for them. The bible says we are more than them. We are more than the birds and the animals, how much more is the heavenly Father there for you? Of all the benefits that we see in the kingdom, how do we make that active in our life? Jesus prayed this prayer in Matthew chapter 6. 

Our Father who art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done

On earth as it is in Heaven.

There is a correlation of the kingdom of God happening in your life with the will of God functioning in your life. The benefits of the kingdom of God happening in your life take place when the will of God is happening in your life. If there is one thing you need to focus on and make primary in your mind is making sure the will of God is taking place in your life. Many of us are asking for the will of God to happen in our life but the will of God for our lives is not active. Do you know the will of God in your life? The scripture declares many things. And there are specific things that God wants to occur in our lives. The will of God and the kingdom of God come together. If you want the benefits of the kingdom happening in your life it hinges on the will of God happening in your life. It is very simple, exercise the will of God in your life. Thy kingdom come, thy will is done. God is not only one that blesses but He is one that rewards as well. God wants to reward us for blessing and consistency. The kingdom comes when the will is done on earth as God sees it done in Heaven. And when that is done then we pray “give us this day our daily bread”. This is why we have to seek the kingdom, when He is talking about seeking the kingdom, He is telling us to refrain from seeking only His hand. God wants to see His will in your life. When this occurs the provisions we are believing Him for will take place. Get familiar with the kingdom and not just the person of Jesus Christ. Get to know both Trudeau and the country Canada.

When the bible says “seek” these are powerful words. When we consider seeking the kingdom, it is a huge place. You can assign time to know the prime minister but to seek all of Canada, that could be a lifelong experience. There are people born in this country who have yet to even see the CN tower. It is a journey however that God wants us to experience. The kingdom mindset will enable us to receive blessings. Seeking the kingdom first, all these things gentiles seek after, the bible says don’t take any thought on that. Don’t be a worrier, be a warrior. Jesus was a prayer warrior about going to the cross. It helped His thinking. After that He told us don’t take on a gentile mentality. Let your affections be set on things above. Thank ye God the Father who blessed us with spiritual blessings in heavenly places. We need to be proactive down here yes, but let’s be proactive off of the strategies that are in Heaven. The kingdom of God, the mindset of Jesus Christ comes from a place of unity. Where there is unity, God commands the blessing. Just seek ye first the kingdom and these things will be added onto us. How many people do you know can just think of a thing? What do you think will happen if you constantly invest thought on your problems? But if you think on a kingdom and take on a kingdom mindset, all these other things will be added onto us. Always remember there is a connection with the kingdom and God’s will being done. If you desire to see the will of God come to fruition it hinges on how well you see the kingdom. Does your life reflect the will of God? In terms of assignment, are we exercising the will of God over our lives? Are we doing it cheerfully? Make sure we are doing the will of God with good intentions.

One of the things God wants us to discover is the kingdom and this is the mindset of the kingdom. This is the way how God thinks. The mind of Christ in every situation. We don’t take thought on anything, we don’t worry about the insufficient things in our life. All we need to do is lockdown on the things we want to do. There are some things in our life we are wanting to accomplish. We have to know what it is that we want to do. Put on your big boy pants and big lady pants. When we determine what we want to do, God will move. Don’t be unstable in all your ways. An interpretation of glory is weight – if you want the weight of glory in your life, be fully convicted on what you want to do. Make some decisions. And you have to be practical. You cannot pray your way out of making a decision. Always remember that God knows everything that you need. Every provision is available to people who make a decision. People who don’t know God will think that things are too big for Him. In your spirit you must know. Martha saw visually that Jesus could heal people, feed the multitude and more but she didn’t physically raise the dead. We need to see Jesus do what He’s never done before. Don’t only be falling in love with the familiar things of Jesus Christ. Stretch yourself. Don’t get familiar with just the person of Jesus Christ. Don’t just only acknowledge yourself as being saved, acknowledge yourself as a citizen of the kingdom of God. Take on the kingdom mindset, think like you are part of a kingdom, not just of a citizen of a country. A king’s duty is to make sure the people are good. If you want the benefits of the kingdom, it hinges on the will of God being exercised in your life. Take the time to discover the will of God for you in ministry and in your life and when you do so, the kingdom will come. Take this time to discover the will of God for your life.