Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

The Next Youth

Where and When you meet:
Every 4th Sunday at Alexandra Park Community Centre

Who your ministry is for:
Target demographic – Youth aged 12 – 17 years old

Purpose Statement: Why does your ministry exist?
To give youth the platform to build on their independence, social skills, life skills and spirituality through recreational activities, workshops, and mentorship

How does your ministry fulfill the vision of Kingsway: Loving you back to life and destiny 
In line with KCLC’s vision, The Next Youth is committed to share God’s love for humanity and impact lives.

How does your ministry fulfill the mission of Kingsway: Share, Embrace, Restore
The Next Youth is devoted to spiritual and fundamental growth of the youth at Kingsway and also to the youth in the surrounding community

How does your ministry embody Kingsway’s core values: Connect, Called, Committed, Competent
The Next Youth models the Kingsway core values through the events and activities designed to create a safe space for youth. It is our way of walking in purpose to develop the various skills each youth will learn.

What can people expect when they visit or join your ministry meeting?
An engaging and fun environment where youth can learn new things practically and spiritually. A safe space to learn, grow, share, and build relationships