Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Sisters of Strength

Where and When you meet:
We meet both on site at KCLC and offsite at various locations. In the months we have meetings, we meet on the second Friday of the month. We are also moving to adding an online component to our events.

Who your ministry is for: Target demographic?
SOS is for women ages 18 and up. SOS targets women who desire a deeper and more intimate relationship with God, a safe place for women to talk, listen and pray together.

Purpose Statement: Why does your ministry exist?
Sister’s of Strength is designed to:

  • Recognize the diversity of all women
  • Respect the gifts and abilities of all women.
  • Release women to fulfill their destiny beyond the walls of the Church.

How does your ministry fulfill the vision of Kingsway: Loving you back to life and destiny?
As a group of mature, non-judgemental, sister’s keepers we come together to grow and heal through sharing our experiences and talking out our situations and loving one another.

How does your ministry fulfill the mission of Kingsway: Share, Embrace, Restore?
We endeavour to embrace all women. The fellowship established in our meetings provides a forum to share our life experiences both spiritual and not, in order to heal, restore and refresh the lives of our sisters in Christ.

What can people expect when they visit or join your ministry meeting?
Women can expect to enjoy a ministry that is Christ-entered, biblical based and kingdom oriented while addressing practical issues women face on a daily basis.