Outreach Ministry

Oasis 2018 – The Year of Momentum


KCLC was founded with the premise of outreach and so the activities of the Oasis ministry are the heart of our church.  Just as in the physical the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body, so the Oasis ministry is to Kingsway. 2018 has been declared the year of momentum – momentum is best achieved through unified motion.  As such, we believe that all other ministries within our church should consistently participate in outreach initiatives organized through Oasis.

The Oasis team has come up with 7 key initiatives/strategies to maximize our outreach potential.  It simplifies our initiatives and allows all ministries within Kingsway to participate in our church’s outreach.  It also allows us the opportunity to be consistent in our activities and our vision to love our city back to life and destiny.

Outreach initiatives include:


Street Reach.

  • Street Reach is an initiative designed to support the marginalized & homeless population within our city.
  • Street Reach will provide these individuals with basic necessities such as toiletries, socks, scarves and basic food items.
  • We will also provide these individuals with connections to community resources and/or emergency supplies as necessary.

Frequency: bi-monthly, last Friday evening of the month


Serve Saturdays – Alexandra Park Community

  • The Serve Saturday initiative will be assisting the Alexandra Park Community.
  • Our assistance will include helping community centre staff with the unloading & distribution of groceries to individuals/families in need within that community.
  • We will also help facilitate holiday events including Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day & Canada Day activities.

Frequency: once/month


Outreach Sundays

  • We endeavour to reach our community, not just within the four walls of our church but outside as well.
  • Outreach Sunday is a service designed to allow our members to practically share, embrace & restore within the community.
  • We will also distribute flyers promoting KCLC events & initiatives
  • Target areas will be Kensington Market, Alexandra Park, Dundas Sq. & King/Bathurst area.

Frequency: once/quarter


Community Movie Nights

  • We will utilize our facility and invite the community members in to watch free movies with their family and friends.
  • During the event we provide the attendees with light refreshments such as juice, popcorn, chips etc free of charge.
  • It is great opportunity to build relationships with individuals in the surrounding area

Frequency: once/month


Not for the Religious (NFTR)

  • This is an arts-interactive event designed to give the artistic community an opportunity to share their talents & abilities.
  • We provide light refreshments and/or food free of charge & live music/entertainment.
  • Participants have the opportunity to win prizes based on votes by the audience.

Frequency: once/quarter


Fundraising Initiatives

  • We will petition local businesses for donations to our organization
  • We will apply for funding from charitable donors
  • We will create different fundraising events such as silent auction/community fundraising dinner; ‘garage’ sale; Christmas treat sales; etc.
  • We will partner with city officials and other community partners as appropriate.
  • We will host a volunteer appreciation dinner



  • A donation dropbox will be available for members to donate new (not used) items such as clothing, toiletries, household items (toilet paper; cleaning supplies); grocery gift cards and gas cards for members of our church and members of our community who are in need.