Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

King’s Kidz & King’s Ambassadorz

We exist ​to TEACH ​the word of God, so our children will LOVE ​how God loves and LIVE ​how he has destined them to live.

Our Goals:

  • To provide a safe, fun, secure and loving environment for children to learn
  • To cultivate passionate Christ followers who emulate the heart of God.
  • To provide opportunities for children to share their passion for Christ with their family and the
  • To encourage and develop children’s talents and giftings
  • To support, equip and empower parents in their journey of parenting and responsibility of
    spiritual growth of their children
  • To encourage children to establish and build lasting friendships,values and integrity

We accept ​school aged children between the ages 4-10 and junior high students ages 11- 13

We meet Sunday mornings @ 10:45am

We CONNECT​ others to the message of Jesus Christ
We LOVE people with the heart of God by serving the community and build lasting friendships
We REBUILD​ hope in lives of others by showing them God’s Love and carrying out helpful acts.

King’s Kidz (Age 4 – 10) is an impactful setting where kids are challenged to seek and understand their identity as Christ followers, who mirror the heart of God.

King’s Ambassadorz (Ages 11 – 13) This classroom is discipleship focus where juniors are challenged to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through devotions, discussions and service.


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