January 21st – “Trust God”

“How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them” Psalm 139:17

We’ve all experienced times where we’ve felt like we put our trust in God and everything went in the opposite direction of your faith.

The marriage failed, your love one died, your business plummeted, your finances crashed, the government went crazy and the pandemic has turned everything upside down.

HE HASN’T FAILED YOU! I promise. Even though things have been uber difficult. God is and will continue to be God. He hasn’t failed you and won’t ever. He can’t. It’s just not who He is. So go ahead, let go. You never had control anyway. Give yourself permission to trust God again.

God will always do what he says he will do.
1. God is thinking about YOU– Ps. 139:17 How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!
God has a perspective.

The entire universe was established by the thoughts of God. God is always discovering new ways to bless you. In every calamity you face if there is no way out (reprieve) God will create doors and paths for your escape. CALVARY WAS A THOUGHT!!

2. God’s Thoughts are Constant.
“What is man that you are mindful…” Psalm 8:5


He knows who we are and where we are. Not for one second are we ever lost or forgotten, for his heart and his knowledge is so vast that no one ever gets lost in the shuffle.

3. God’s thoughts towards us are good. God is working every situation for our good.  The situation may not look good or feel good but TRUST GOD, it’s working for our good!

4. God’s thoughts give hope. “To give you a future and a hope.”

Hope is expectation. Hope gives security and assurance. Hope MUST become faith, for faith is the substance of things hoped for…

Reverse your thoughts on things you’ve given up on …it WILL come to pass
Hope disturbs and unsettles calamity, it shatters prison bars.

Fight the enemy with your hope
Expectation declares to your enemy
* I will overcome this
* I will come out of this
* I will rise again

The resurrection is an indication that there is still hope. If God raised Jesus from the dead, my resurrection (COME-BACK) is possible also. I WILL RISE AGAIN!

Despite what I’m facing, I walk with EXPECTATION that God will come through for me and my trust is firmly in HIM.

Reflect: Is your trust anchored in God?

Prayer: Father I thank you that you are thinking about me. I thank You that Your plans are persistent and perpetual. All of my trust is in You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Written by Pastor Richard J. Brown