The Lord on High is Mighty!

Written By: Shanique Edwards

Read: Psalm 93

Mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the waves of the sea, the Lord on high is mighty! (Psalm 93:4, ESV)

I don’t know about you but there were some times over the past year when overwhelming and anxious feelings got the best of me. The waves of uncertainty, isolation, stress, and, at times, hopelessness left me feeling drenched in waters that seemed rougher than I could swim in. However, thanks be to God who never leaves us to weather the storms of life on our own. Psalm 93 reminds us that our Lord is mighty. He is mightier than even the thunderous sounds of the waters around us and the raging voices of emotion within us.

Delving deeper, the reader is reassured of the majesty and strength of our Lord. We can stand confidently in the knowledge that our lives are anchored in an unmovable and fully established God. The promises laid out throughout scripture have stood the test of time and are equally applicable to every situation we face today. Despite floods of uncertainty, financial insecurity, ever-wavering public opinions about what is best to do coupled with the vast number of environmental and political crises that the world is facing, we have a mighty God who stands with us, goes before us, and stands behind us!

The Psalmist does not shy away from the fact that troubling times are inevitable. In verse 3, the author notes that the floods have lifted up their voices and they’re roaring. Though we know that we are protected in Christ it does not stop the roars of the waves or the floods of life that try to overtake us. Though we press on in faith that the upcoming year will be greater than the one previous, we are not immune to the troubles of the world. Rather, we can press forth with full assurance that our God is trustworthy. He will arise on our behalf every time in the fullness of His might.

We don’t know what the New Year will hold for us. Maybe like me, you have a prayer list pages long with the hope that each and every request will come to fruition. And I am sure the upcoming year will come with its own plethora of troubles. However, in those moments when life seems too overwhelming and the seas of emotions are crushing, I pray that we will find solace in the fact that our God is mightier than the thunders, and mightier than the waves. Our Lord on high is mighty!


Tangibly, how is the might of God evident in my current life situation? In what ways may I be impeding God from acting mightily on my behalf today?


Father, unmoveable and firmly established. Lord, I can stand confidently in the knowledge that you reign in majesty and strength. Help me to recognize your mighty and trustworthy hand in my day-to-day situations. When my heart is overwhelmed remind me that you are mightier than the waves of emotions that may try to overtake me. You are mightier than any flood around me. In Jesus’s mighty name, Amen.